One Year Limited Warranty


The warranty is free maintenance for one year starting from the date of purchase (inclusive). The original warranty card together with vendor invoice, are important proofs of entitlement for access to service.  

The company is not responsible for issues related to the followings:

  1. There is no valid warranty card and valid invoice (unless the customer can prove that the goods is still within effective warranty condition);
  2. The warranty card is altered, the product code does not match with the product's own code;
  3. The damage is due to customer's failure in using maintaining and keeping the product according to requirement;
  4. Damage due to mishandling
  5. Normal wear and tear, corrosion, discoloration, etc;
  6. Damage caused to zipper, buckle by excessive force;
  7. Line break or tear caused by heavy load;
  8. Any damage caused by sharp objects;
  9. Product with signs of burning or flooding;
  10. Product failure or damage caused by Force Majeure events (such as earthquakes, war, fire, etc.);
  11. Non-Level8 authorized service personnel has done product repair, alteration, modification or disassembly.

This warranty only applies to the product, not to the contents. If the product is no longer deliverable, the supplier will offer a comparable alternative.


 LEVEL8 group